The Equality Patch (EQ) 

The design of the Equality Patch depicts the elliptical shape of our world surrounded by oceans.

It is overlaid with three different figures meant to signify the various shapes, sizes, colors, genders and continental disbursement of the people on our world.



The design of the Equality Patch is intended to be large enough and bright enough to be noticed by others, yet at the same time, not so large and not so bright to be seen as aggressive or challenging.

Please obtain an Equality Patch  here

Wear it proudly and prominently on your person to declare your conviction to support race equality and reject racial hate.

The Patch will allow us to identify one another and when there are enough of us together, we will have the support to make the change we all desire.

The Patch itself is 2.5″ wide and 2.2″ high and can be either sewn or ironed on.

If possible fasten the Patch to the right side of your clothing. This is so as not to confuse it’s intention. The Equality Patch is not intended as a badge representing any authority—moral or otherwise—but simply a symbol of your own support for equality and rejection of racism in our nation.

It is possible that some individuals will inevitably find that you wearing the Equality Patch is personally insulting to them.  A good strategy in such situations would be to wear the Patch proudly, yet not engage verbally, or in any other manner, with those who find fault with it or wish to challenge your conviction.


This Patch is not intended to represent simple moral support for equality, nor is it intended as a fashion accessory.
The Equality Patch is a symbol of a determined conviction to stand up for true, lasting equality in our land and to help remove the presence of racial intolerance through the peaceful act of passive marginalization.


Individual Personal Integration means that you actively recognize and support minority associations and friendships within your community and/or your business. You also welcome those minority associations into your own everyday life.


To actively recognize and actively support means that your real actions match your words. i.e. you make an effort to develop personal relationships with minorities through welcoming them and including them in your community. More about Personal Integration here.


The Equality Patch will allow all of us to easily identify one another as fellow supporters of true, lasting equality. The Patch will also identify us to those people we wish to support and protect via our very presence as witnesses. The Equality Patch not only symbolizes our support of racial equality, but that we also break bread and stand hand-in-hand with all of our fellow human beings. A racial attack against any minority person in our community is an attack on the peace, safety and well-being of us all.


Today is the time. Time to finally heal this land of its racist wounds without resorting to the same violence that created them to begin with.
Racism backed by white supremacist support has damaged us all for more than two centuries. The continued presence of racism anywhere in this land is a cancer that eats at all of our hearts. That is not what this country stands for, nor will it ever be. Not as long as that vast majority of decent people in our land know that our nation’s future depends on them having the courage to bring an end to racism once and for all.